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Price automation

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Amazon KDP sellers rely heavily on automation tools like Power KDP Automation to upload large quantities of items. This strategy allowed users to make a profit off the Amazon KDP platform with little to no effort. Since the pandemic hit, online purchasing took a high rise which led to a rise in KDP profitability.

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Since Power KDP Automation entered the KDP tool market, the main strategy was not to make the user experience easier alone, but also to improve and bring new technologies to the Amazon KDP business. As the Power KDP automation maintainers are also KDP sellers themselves, the development and the improvements are always a priority.

All automation tools, without Power KDP Automation, were built for the sole purpose of uploading only NEW items to the Amazon KDP platform, with little to no regard to the previously uploaded items and to unfinished ones (dead drafts) which KDP sellers have always struggled with.

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This limitation has kept the Amazon KDP business stagnant and allergic to strategies and progress. The KDP business has remained the same since its beginnings with strategies only applicable to the time of the upload.

Strategies like price manipulation have always been a dream to the Amazon KDP sellers. KDP sellers previously had to plan prices of their items, upload these items and wait for the sales to come. However, as seasons and the status quo changes the prices of the items did not follow.

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Strategy: Price manipulation

Strategizing is of big importance to any business. The Price manipulation strategy has been proved to be a big asset to Print On Demand (POD) businesses. This strategy has been especially a powerhouse to the Merch by Amazon (MBA) sellers. This strategy allowed MBA sellers to constantly edit the prices of their products depending on the season, the date, the world updates and holidays. This strategy however, was not applicable to Amazon KDP since no tool allowed it.

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Sellers using this strategy would be free to manipulate the prices of their uploaded items to their liking. Amazon KDP sellers would be able to edit the prices of the items. Prices would be edited according to a strategy that a KDP seller would plan beforehand.

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In March of 2021 Power KDP announced its newest feature; PowerScan. This new technology brought the KDP business to a whole new level, and opened so many prospects and ways of improvements.

Feature: PowerScan

The ongoing effort of the Power KDP Automation creators has led to the introduction of PowerScan. In March of 2021, Power KDP published the PowerScan feature; a feature that gave KDP sellers total and complete control of their Amazon KDP account.

PowerScan allows the application of the MBA price manipulation to the Amazon KDP business. PowerScan allows users to edit previously uploaded items, edit LIVE and DRAFT items, execute a full inventory and edit elements of all uploaded items.

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KDP sellers can now automate the manipulation of the prices of their items with little to no effort. Power KDP Automation users can execute a filtered scan to specify which items they want to edit, specify which options they want to edit in these items, and execute an automation based on these criteria.

A full article details how to use PowerScan can be found here

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How to apply the Price manipulation strategy

Just like MBA sellers edit the prices of their uploaded designs, Amazon KDP sellers can apply the same strategy to their Amazon KDP business using Power KDP Automation. This strategy has been proven very effective and highly profitable.

This strategy can be used in a number of ways. Some of these uses can be:

  • Upload a batch of items with a low price to rank higher on the sales scale, and then edit these items’ prices to a higher value. This strategy would give these items a higher rank on the best seller scale at first, then gain significant profitably after the price change.
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  • Another approach would be to edit the prices according to the dates. Sales go remarkably up before and during certain holidays and occasions, and then go remarkably down after these holidays pass. A strategy would be to use a higher price before and during holidays, then edit prices down afterwards. This strategy would allow higher profitability during holidays and keep sales continuing afterwards.
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  • Also, Amazon KDP sellers can edit the prices of their best selling items to a higher rate. This would allow an even more profitability and sales-to-pay threshold.
  • An even other strategy would be to follow trends and world news. Trends are volatile, and KDP sellers can take advantage of this element of surprise and adjust their prices accordingly. In the case of a certain unexpected trend and a boom of sales, Amazon KDP sellers would be advised to adjust their prices using Power KDP Automation to gain more profit.

Possibilities are endless and the ways to improve the user’s Amazon KDP business are limitless. The Power KDP Automation creators always encourage their users to take the features that they offer and use them in whichever way possible.

Ease of use

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With every strategizing comes the downside of maintenance. As Power KDP Automation creators are KDP sellers, the trouble of maintenance and research has always been a problem. Amazon KDP sellers always struggle with keeping previous xlsx files and pdf files and doing manual research to execute edits. This has taken a big portion of KDP sellers’ time and energy. Power KDP Automation thanks to PowerScan has made the KDP business very time and energy efficient.

KDP sellers are no longer expected to keep xlsx and pdf files or do their own research and categorization thanks to PowerScan. All of this can now be done easily and quickly and untimely. PowerScan allows its users to generate an xlsx file automatically. This xlsx file would be generated using criteria that the users choose.

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Some examples of PowerScan utilities would be as follow:

  • A user can generate an xlsx file by scanning DRAFTS that only have an exact price of $15.00. This generated xlsx file would be ready to be submitted to Power KDP Automation to get executed.
  • Equally a user can scan for LIVE items that have a price range of [$6.00 – $15.00] that were uploaded between October 15th and November 1st.

The xlsx file would be ready to be submitted to Power KDP Automation for execution. The user is only expected to edit the settings that they want changed.

All xlsx files are no longer needed to be saved. As soon as the automation is completed no previous spreadsheet are needed. Power KDP Automation thanks to PowerScan easily generates any spreadsheets needed for future automations.

Equally, no pdf files are needed. The pdf files that were previously used can remain the same. Power KDP Automation offers the feature to keep the same cover and interior files untouched. This cuts automation time significantly, as no file upload to the Amazon KDP are needed.

Is this for you?

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The price manipulation strategy is not meant only for KDP sellers that upload large quantities of items. KDP sellers that upload a handful of items can find this feature equally as useful.

As uploads get numbered after a while, KDP quality sellers also struggle with price manipulation and strategizing. PowerScan is equally useful to KDP quality sellers.

Power KDP Automation has been proven to be universally handy. All KDP sellers can scan for certain items, edit descriptions, edit titles, edit prices and take their KDP business to the next level.


The price manipulation strategy has always been a go-to strategy for online entrepreneurs and sellers. The Amazon KDP business has been a stranger to these methods since its beginnings. The Amazon KDP business hasn’t seen much change strategy-wise until now.

Price manipulation is a key strategy that is now available for Amazon KDP sellers thanks to Power KDP Automation. Although it is a highly profitable strategy and a very handy feature, KDP sellers are free and encouraged to use the Power KDP Automation features in whichever way they find most suitable and profitable.

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Progress, ease of use and improving has, and will always remain the Power KDP Automation’s motto. Thanks to PowerScan, Amazon KDP sellers can now strategize and find multiple ways to improve their Amazon KDP business and take it to the next level.

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