Amazon KDP strategies:

Quantity vs Quality

Since the early days of Amazon KDP, there has been a few questions kept unanswered. Among these questions is whether sellers should focus on the quality of their products, or should they focus on maximizing sales.

From this problem came the two most known strategies of Amazon KDP. Quality Amazon KDP and Quantity Amazon KDP.

Quality Amazon KDP consists of concentrating heavily on the quality of the paperback.

Cady P. : Quality Amazon KDP sellers be like: beautiful design = more money.

Quantity Amazon KDP consists of concentrating and maximizing the number of sales, with low to medium concentration on the actual quality of the paperback.

Cady P. : Quantity Amazon KDP sellers be like: more sale = more money.

Choosing between these two strategies is completely the seller’s choice. Both strategies are the same in some aspects and different in other aspects.

What you will find in this article:

What is Quantity Amazon KDP:

Quantity KDP is an Amazon KDP selling strategy. It consists of leveraging quantity over quality. The Quantity Amazon KDP strategy can be done in a number of ways that a seller follows or create.

The most common use of this strategy consists of selecting a single niche or sub-niche and designing for this niche using a large amount of variables.

The variables that are used for this strategy can be for example:
Names: for example, a happy wish notebook for different people, with the variable in this case being the names of the people and keeping the same design.

Cady P. :  Merry Christmas Jack! Merry christmas Jane! Merry christmas John!…

Cady P. : You get the idea! I don’t even know anyone named Jack.

Numbers: Numbers can also be the variable. For instance, a birthday notebook with different ages displayed on the cover.

Cady P. :  Happy 1st birthday! Happy 2nd birthday! …

Cady P. : I’m not gonna count to 100th, of course.

This strategy leverages quantity over quality. The margin profits of each book are usually low using this strategy, but sellers compensate for this by selling a large number of products.
This strategy is not very demanding, and new sellers can quickly learn it and start making money from it.

What is Quality Amazon KDP:

Like Quantity Amazon KDP, the Quality Amazon KDP is also a largely used Amazon KDP strategy. This strategy consists of giving more importance to the quality of the design of the product.

The design of the cover and the interior are given very big importance. Sellers carefully design each and every paperback they upload to the Amazon KDP. Titles, Subtitles and keywords are also given very big importance.

Cady P. : So basically, everything is a big deal!
Cady P. : She must be so fun at parties LOL!

This strategy is a bit harder to learn and master especially for new sellers. To use this strategy, the Amazon KDP seller must have very high design skills, and must be familiar with research concepts and client psychology.

Every detail is given a lot of importance during every step of the process. If done correctly, this strategy can be very profitable. This strategy provides high profit margins for each paperback, but sales are usually lower than the Quantity KDP strategy.

Similarities between Quantity Amazon KDP and Quality Amazon KDP:

Like all strategies in e-commerce, these two Amazon KDP strategies are both here to do the same thing; Make more money. Even though they consist of different methods and ways of work, they have similar aspects.

One of these similarities is that these two Amazon KDP strategies (Quantity KDP & Quality KDP) both bring more profit when the seller spends more time on learning them and mastering them.

Cady P. : never stop learning.

Another similarity is that even though Quality Amazon KDP leverages quality over quantity, both these strategies require at least average design skills. The more the better. The more the Amazon KDP seller can improve their design skills the more money these strategies will bring.

Also, both these strategies require good research skills and capabilities. They both require strong keywords and accurate Amazon KDP parameters (category, title, subtitle…). Because of this, Amazon KDP sellers, whether they use Quantity KDP or Quality KDP, must know how to do their research.

Finally, among the similarities between these two strategies, is that there are tools and extensions available online that can help the Amazon KDP seller, and make their life a lot easier.

Differences between Quantity Amazon KDP and Quality Amazon KDP:

As much as these Amazon KDP strategies are similar, they are quite different. Both of these strategies require different skillsets and are different in the way they work and the type of sales they bring.

A key difference between these two strategies is the skills they require. Unlike Quantity KDP, Quality KDP requires big design skills from the Amazon KDP seller. Whereas the seller that uses Quantity KDP needs to have low to medium design skills.

Another difference is that Quality KDP requires very precise research skills from its seller. This is because sellers need to find very precise profitable niches and micro niches in order to make the sales go up. Where in the case of Quantity KDP, sellers need to find a profitable niche but it does not to be as specific as the Quality KDP niches.

Quantity KDP is based mainly on selling the biggest number of items with the lowest profit margins possible. Where Quality KDP leverages price and quality over quantity of sales.

Cady P. :  Quantity KDP: 1,000 items sold x 1$ margin = 1000$ profit

Cady P. : Quality KDP: 200 items solid x 5$ margin = 1000$ profit

Another very important difference, is the fact the chances of success for Quality KDP are relatively low. Where in the case of Quantity KDP, chances of sales are high. This is because Quantity KDP doesn’t care much about WHO buys the product, it cares about HOW MUCH of the product is sold.

Quantity Amazon KDP challenges:

Each Amazon KDP or any other e-commerce strategy must come with a set of challenges and difficulties. These are the challenges that face the Amazon KDP seller:

Uploading paperbacks to Amazon KDP manually is time consuming. Which makes uploading hundreds of paperbacks (or even thousands) impossible. Automation tools are necessary.

Cady P. : like Power KDP Automation!

Research. Quantity KDP strategizing relies on coming up all the time with new niches. This means that Amazon KDP sellers must always stay up to date with the latest trends. Sellers need to constantly look for profitable trends by themselves or look for niches reports online.

Cady P. : We offer a monthly niches report! Problem solved!

Automation tools usually rely on using spreadsheets. This means that Quantity KDP sellers must have at least a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel or any other xlsx software (Google sheets for example).

Quality Amazon KDP challenges

Just like Quantity KDP or any other strategy, Quality KDP also has some challenges and difficulties. These challenges include:

Quality Amazon KDP sellers must have very strong design skills. Having medium or low design skills means making sales almost impossible. Because sales are based on quality, the KDP seller must have a large knowledge of design. Low quality Paperbacks are impossible to sell on Amazon if the seller is using the Quality KDP strategy.

Quality Amazon KDP as a strategy requires concentrating heavily on niches. KDP sellers using this strategy must find (or create) a very precise niche or sub niche that is specific to them. Any normal niche cannot be successful using this strategy. This means that Quality Amazon KDP sellers must have very good research skills and be very creative.

Cady P. : A niche that works for Quantity KDP probably won’t work for Quality KDP.

Use Quantity Amazon KDP with Power KDP Automation

Quantity Amazon KDP is arguably the easiest way for making money on Amazon KDP. This is due to the big number of tools that help the KDP sellers using this strategy.

Quantity Amazon KDP sellers cannot use strategy without using Automation tools. Power KDP Automation is a very fast and reliable way for these sellers to make money.

Power KDP Automation is designed specifically to make Quantity KDP very easy and time efficient. PKDP can upload hundreds of paperbacks every hour nonstop. And thanks to its error handling and throttling mechanisms, no empty drafts are kept behind.

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The xlsx modal is designed specifically to keep everything organized and accessible to the seller. It is very easy to learn and is very versatile. Users can easily start applying the Quantity KDP strategy to their online business.
The Power KDP team also publish a monthly niches report which is essential to this strategy. No further research is necessary by the KDP seller.

Power KDP also offer very useful tools that help the seller. These tools are: Interior generator, Description editor, Category search and PowerScan.

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Choosing which strategy is the best strategy is up to the seller. Both strategies have their ups and downs.

In some cases, sellers opt for a hybrid strategy. This means they use both strategies or a mixture of these two strategies. This option is more time consuming but can be found more profitable.

The Power KDP team always keep the seller’s best interest at mind. Constant developments and innovations are made to keep taking the KDP business to higher levels.

Cady P. : K Thanx Byyyye!